Console applications

Bref provides a way to run console commands on AWS Lambda.

This can be used to run the Symfony Console, Silly or Laravel Artisan commands in production.


The lambda function used for running console applications must use two Lambda layers:

  • the base PHP layer (the PHP runtime that provides the php binary)
  • the "console" layer that overrides the base runtime to execute your console application

Below is a minimal serverless.yml. To create it automatically run vendor/bin/bref init and select "Console application".

service: app
    name: aws
    runtime: provided
    - ./vendor/bref/bref
        handler: bin/console # or `artisan` if you are using Laravel
            - ${bref:layer.php-73} # PHP runtime
            - ${bref:layer.console} # Console layer


To run a console command on AWS Lambda use bref cli:

vendor/bin/bref cli <function-name> -- <command>

<function-name> is the name of the function that was deployed on AWS. In our example above that would be hello-dev because Serverless adds the stage (by default dev) as a suffix.

Pass your command, arguments and options by putting them after --. The -- delimiter separates between options for the bref cli command (before --) and your command (after --).

vendor/bin/bref cli hello-dev <bref options> -- <your command, your options>

For example:

# Runs the CLI application without arguments and displays the help
$ vendor/bin/bref cli hello-dev
# ...

$ vendor/bin/bref cli hello-dev -- doctrine:migrate
Your database will be migrated.
To execute the SQL queries run the command with the `--force` option.

$ vendor/bin/bref cli hello-dev -- doctrine:migrate --force
Your database has been migrated.

# Use environment variables to configure your AWS credentials
$ AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=eu-central-1 AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=foo AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=bar vendor/bin/bref cli my-function
# ...