running PHP made simple

Everything you need to easily deploy and run serverless PHP applications.

A higher level stack

Creating and running modern and scalable PHP applications should be simpler. By using serverless technologies, like AWS Lambda, we can focus on development and worry less about servers.

Bref is an open source project that brings full support for PHP and its frameworks to AWS Lambda.


Open source, production-ready
PHP runtimes for AWS Lambda

for a better view of the cloud.

Getting started with serverless can be overwhelming. Bref integrates with the open-source Serverless Framework for configuration and deployment. We get the best of both world: powerful, yet simple.

On top of Serverless' documentation and ecosystem, Bref provides complete documentation and examples for PHP applications.

Simple cloud orchestration
via the Serverless Framework

Take the serverless course

Serverless Visually Explained is a hands-on course that teaches developers how to create serverless applications.

Written by Bref's creator, this interactive course focuses on use cases: APIs, websites, workers, micro-services…

Learn more at

Serverless Visually Explained

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Bref Enterprise

New to serverless? Let's work together!

Get professional support or one-off consulting from the Bref core team. Get in touch to learn more:

Dedicated expert support

Provide your team with expert support covering Bref, serverless, and AWS.
Get architecture reviews for new projects, and continuous help while implementing and running them. Implement best practices regarding cost-efficiency, performance, and security.

Bref sponsorship and priority bug fixes

Ensure that Bref gets continuously maintained, and that bugs affecting your teams get fixed in priority.

Serverless training

Bref Enterprise includes a license of the Serverless Visually Explained course for your whole team.

Interested in a hands-on training? On-site and remote training are also possible.

The detailed list is available here.

Need help? Get in touch with null, the team that creates Bref.