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Bref 2.0 is released 🎉

The work on what would be Bref 2.0 started in October 2021, about 1.5 year ago. We went through many different strategies, experiments, rewrites, over 700 commits to finally land with the stable release.

So far, Bref has been installed more than 2 million times and powers more than 10 billion Lambda executions (aka requests) every month.

That's 1 in every 1000 AWS Lambda executions (opens in a new tab)!

Today, we celebrate these achievements, the ongoing work and the release of Bref 2.0 🎉

Let's dive in what's new in v2 👇

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Bref 1.0 is released 🎉

Bref started in November 2017, 3 years ago. Back then, running PHP on AWS Lambda was experimental at best.

Over the years, as the Bref community grew, as AWS features landed, and as contributors worked, creating serverless PHP applications has become a reality. Bref 0.2 has seen 37 releases. Bref 0.5 has 33. In total, we've released 89 versions since the project started.

Needless to say Bref is stable and has been for a long time.

Today, we're finally releasing Bref 1.0!

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