To set up Bref correctly please complete all the sections below.

AWS account

You will need an AWS account. To create one, go to and click Sign up.

AWS has a generous free tier that will usually allow you to deploy your first test applications for free.


Bref relies on the Serverless framework and AWS access keys to deploy applications. You will need to:

  • install the serverless command (more details here):

    npm install -g serverless

    Bref is compatible with Serverless Framework v3 (current version).

  • create AWS access keys

  • setup those keys by running:

    serverless config credentials --provider aws --key <key> --secret <secret>

    If you already use the aws CLI command, or if you want to use environment variables instead (for example for a shared server like a CI) you can read the full guide.


Install Bref in your project using Composer:

composer require bref/bref

Make sure that the version of Bref that was installed is 2.0 or greater.

To run the latest version of Bref you must have PHP 8.0 or greater! If you are using PHP 7.4 or less, an outdated version of Bref will be installed instead.

The bref command line tool can now be used by running vendor/bin/bref in your project.

What's next?

Read the first steps guide to create and deploy your first serverless application using Bref.