Exposing a RDS database on the internet

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Exposing a database on the internet is insecure.

A secure alternative is to set up an SSH tunnel instead, for example using 7777.


Aurora Serverless databases cannot be made publicly accessible.

How to

Open the RDS instance in the RDS console:

  • click "Modify"
  • enable "Public accessibility"
  • click "Continue"
  • select "Apply immediately" (do not skip this step)
  • click "Modify DB Instance"

Now click the security group of the instance:

  • open the "Inbound" tab
  • click "Edit"
  • add a rule: select "MySQL/Aurora" (or PostgreSQL) and set "Anywhere" as the source (you could also set your public IP for increased security)
  • save

Connect to your database using your favorite tool. For example using mysql in the CLI:

mysql -h<endpoint> -u<root user> -p <database>

Remember to revert those changes once you are done!