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Exposing a RDS database on the internet

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Exposing a database on the internet is insecure.

A secure alternative is to set up an SSH tunnel instead, for example using 7777 (opens in a new tab).


Aurora Serverless databases cannot be made publicly accessible.

How to

Open the RDS instance in the RDS console (opens in a new tab):

  • click "Modify"
  • enable "Public accessibility"
  • click "Continue"
  • select "Apply immediately" (do not skip this step)
  • click "Modify DB Instance"

Now click the security group of the instance:

  • open the "Inbound" tab
  • click "Edit"
  • add a rule: select "MySQL/Aurora" (or PostgreSQL) and set "Anywhere" as the source (you could also set your public IP for increased security)
  • save

Connect to your database using your favorite tool. For example using mysql in the CLI:

mysql -h<endpoint> -u<root user> -p <database>

Remember to revert those changes once you are done!