Case studies

This page collects case studies of serverless PHP applications built with or migrated to Bref.

These help learn for real use cases about costs, performances and migration efforts.


A case study of the development of the website using AWS Lambda, including a cost analysis.


Enoptea is a french startup that migrated their infrastructure of PHP workers from EC2 to Lambda. They halved their AWS costs and increased their performances while spending less time managing their servers.

PrettyCI is a SaaS providing continuous integration for PHP coding standards. Internally, it runs PHP-CS-Fixer or CodeSniffer on AWS Lambda using Bref. This article is a good introduction on how AWS Lambda can be a good solution to run workers and background jobs.

MyBuilder is an online marketplace matching tradespeople with home owners. They used Lambda with Bref to create a highly scalable on-demand microservice to generate PDF reports. The solution involved creating their own layer to include a self-compiled binary file to use alongside Bref's base PHP layer.


It isn't exactly about PHP over Serverless, but it gives us a general overview of how hundreds of teams are handling with serverless across a diversity of projects. There are a lot of case studies since from Us Department of Defense streamlining open source contributions until project which has reduced back-end costs by 95% and much more.